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Darlene Watson
Darlene Watson photo

Darlene Watson

Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet

It's the Winter and it was -18 this morning when I took this photo. The sunshine is amazing but wow so cold.

Now a little about the original impressionistic Monet inspired painting.
"Blue Velvet" Just imagine that she wore blue velvet! Just imagine her eyes as blue and the sky! Impressionistic florals filled with blues and balanced with tones of purple and green. Ribbons across the bottom of this large canvas and petals will fill any space with colour and impressionism. Monet would be proud. This artist loves the impressionistic masters and shows it will with this joy-filled heart filled cascading floral!

An artist that creates abstracts that can hand vertically or horizontally and creates impressionistic florals. Commissions are always considered with Darlene if the art you love has already sold or you wish a unique size.

Autumn In New York

Autumn In New York

"Autumn In New York"

A view of Central Park from overhead. Gathering the Autumn colours and inspired by Joan Mitchell with gestural brushstrokes Darlene brings you into an image of Fall.

The endless bursts of colour and crisp air
Paths creating their own songs
Crinkled and dry as they fall from great heights

Colour-filled leaves amongst the earthy brown
As they lose their crimson and gold

A show of scarves and hats and red-tipped noses
Cooler days are approaching waving goodbye to Summer

Leaves once watching from great heights floating like rainbows towards the ground
Cooler days are approaching and waving goodbye to Summer



"Dahlia" where Darlene has created a more minimal non-objective abstract in the softest of hues with the sweet Dahlia in the gardens as inspiration. An artist that seems to draw so very much from Mother Nature and her natural vignettes.

A poem was created first before this large original was imagined.
Her imagination brings shapes to life to create joy in viewing.


Hold your head high with elegance, grace and inner strength
Your petals extended to hold rays of the sun

Your everlasting love
Your sweet soft petals, peach-like a rosy sun-kissed cheek
White like the clouds afloat overhead
Purple, lavender, pink and lilac to name but a few
Spectacular Dahlia with elegance and grace

Courageously blooming into moonlit nights

Darlene created with acrylic paint coloured crayons and oil pastels.

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