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Dmitry Shalaiev
Dmitry Shalaiev photo

Dmitry Shalaiev


Dmitry Shalaiev

Montreal, Canada

...if you are sensitive to the miracles of nature...
if you are falling in love to the pure art of watercolor...
if you are dreaming for surround yourself with the beauty...
my aquarelles will not let youself feel indifferent toward my sensation of the beautiful...
The beautiful I saw in my multiple trips on gorgeous Canada land,
the beautiful making my heart beating faster, the beautiful takes my breath away.
Tenderness of sunrises and sunsets colors, flashes of light and shadow depth
I try to let you see through my magic watercolors mixing with my love.
In my artworks I am using only professional materials that allow you to maintain the best quality of the picture for a long time.
You can also order artwork according to your preferences and references.
Member of International Watercolor Society of Canada.
I am living and working in Montreal.

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