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Enzo, is a Venezuelan painter born in 1963, his great promoter of art was his mother, a nurse at a hospital located north of Caracas; His fondness for art was so great that when his children were born, he named them: Michelangelo and Leonardo; like the great teachers, when they were of school age it was customary for their mother to buy: art magazines, turpentine, tubes of oil and canvases with prints of figures to paint; very soon his house became an art gallery with a variety of styles: still lifes, landscapes and human figures; his first paintings were more figurative, with soft colors, little brightness and lacked any technique.
In them you could see elegant men and women in bars sharing tea time; restaurants, awnings and hats adorned the environment of his paintings in a very Parisian style influenced by the art magazines his mother had bought him as a child.
In the summer of 1996 he was invited to participate in an art exhibition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a public institution, with the exception of inviting another painter to complete the exhibition with three paintings alongside him; Since I didn't know any more artists to invite, I chose to paint three abstract paintings which I signed as Enzo.
On the day of the event, he organized the entire exhibition in the room, which was a surprise since Michelangelo's paintings went unnoticed, while those signed as Enzo caught the attention of visitors, achieving the sale of two exhibited pieces.
Since then he has dedicated himself to abstract art through self-learning, now his work has texture, elegance and contrasts, while incorporating recycled materials and bright colors that speak for themselves, trapping the viewer in art exhibitions; Panama City, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Caracas, Bogota, Miami and New York.

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