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Alla Kallass
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Alla Kallass


Alla Kallass

London, Canada

Welcome to my world of art!
This is me… a creative soul born in Ukraine and currently based in London, Ontario, Canada. I have always been passionate about art. Despite this, I never considered a life focused on creating. I obtained a Bachelor of Education and Philology and became a teacher. Before my art journey began, I spent years in educational environment. Only in 2020, after the birth of my second child I started to turn to the brush as a means of happiness and renewal; I started pouring my soul into my craft trying to translate the surrounding world into brushstrokes on canvas. At that time I had no clue as to how I should start my artistic journey, but I listened to what my heart was saying and I trusted that inner voice. It was time to be myself and start chasing my lifelong dream.
Painting brings me so much happiness and colours make me feel alive. I am inspired by the beauty of nature, travel and my own memories. Seascapes, landscapes, water and florals are my favourite subjects to paint. Working from my home studio, my days are spent creating, parenting and dreaming of my next adventure.
I hope that you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it.

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