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Antonina Banderova
Antonina Banderova photo

Antonina Banderova


Antonina Banderova

Calgary, Canada


2003 - present
Graphic Design at Obninsk Politechnical School
2007 - present
Teacher of Arts at Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities

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Hi there! My name is Antonina.

I’m a mixed media artist. I grew up in Russia where I met and married my husband.

My journey with art started at a young age. After obtaining degrees in graphic design and fine arts I was working as a designer in sports industry. Over the years I went through learning and practicing many different mediums and techniques.

In 2016 my husband and I immigrated to Canada, a country so rich of beautiful and endless landscapes and seascapes that it became an unending inspiration for my work.​

Soon after we settled we became parents to our beautiful daughter Alice. Since then, between learning how to be a parent and discovering what it means to be Canadian, I dedicate every spare moment to painting.

In 2021 my family and I moved from BC to Alberta , since then mountain landscapes became my main subject. However, west coast landscapes will always have a special place in my heart.

My current work is primarily in acrylics, while my paintings reflect emotions and state of mind that I experience while adventuring through Canada. Exploration, immersion, and observations in nature are essential to my development process. I take a lot of photos while traveling as I aim to capture the exact moment of light and forms in order to work with them later in my studio. The time I do spend painting is a small window of calm and peace from the hectic life which helps me to listen to my heart and create what it desires.

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