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Saint-Hilarion, Canada


1994 - 1996
Plastic arts Cégep François-Xavier-Garneau
2000 - 2003
Interior design Cégep François-Xavier-Garneau


Exposition bibliothèque Aux quatres vents
May, 2016
Vernissage au Café des artistes
August, 2017

Magali was born in a country village in 1976 in the Charlevoix region of Quebec. She is the third of five children whose parents are hoteliers. A happy childhood where sharing, openness to others and living in a community made her grow in her interest to know more and more about the human being. This later led her to discover the world, pack on her back.
In her sixteenth year, looking for a meaning to her life, she became deeply interested in the evolution of the social and spiritual soul. Knowing already the happiness that creativity brings her, this particular grace that life has given her, she has been following various paths, touching on art and personal development: workshops to deepen self-knowledge, to elevate knowledge and consciousness, training in dramatic art, plastic art and interior design. She discovered a particular attraction for acrylic painting, at the beginning of a long turning point in her life in 2015. She is approaching forty, and has never wanted anything more than to be an artist.
In 2017, she participated in a few exhibitions, in libraries, cafes and fairs in her area. In 2020, she commits herself body and soul to make her creative dreams come true, and leaves her job to devote herself to painting and massage therapy.
Artistic approach
My inner artist is the source of the impetus that drives me to continually tap into the wonderful world of my imagination and the vast realm of the extraordinary to seek ways to infuse ordinary life with the magic that my inner vision shows me. I feel that I am painting my own story, my moods, my passages, my rituals, my emotions or my aspirations.
I like to give form to the messages of my soul. Forms appear and take the aspect of characters or animals, I can't help but let them be. They are part of the message. My inspiration comes to life in the beauty of nature, in the purity of the human being and of all that is part of the living.
I build my paintings by putting several layers of paint on the canvas as a way of setting up lines and shapes from my unconscious. Once this first step is done, I play digitally with it by superimposing other photographs.

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