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Rosevale, Canada


2013 - 2014
Visual Art Foundation at McKenzie College


Artisand Village gallery
June, 2014

Being born in Etobicoke, Ontario and growing up in New Brunswick, Roxane is a country girl at heart.
Having a deep love for nature, she puts her passion to work painting landscapes, animals and plants.

Roses- the smell, vast colour spectrum and subtle beauty, holding a very special place.

While pregnant with her daughter, Roxane took the opportunity to expand into cake decorating, adding her personal touch of glitter and glam found in her paintings, to the edible art form.

Having a multifaceted and versatile background, she has had the opportunity to work as a fire suppression tech engineer, being a very stressful though rewarding job, she longed to bring creativity back into her life.

After her mother passed in 2012, she heard her mothers advice and decided to take it, "stop wasting your talent". In 2013 she created 'Rox's Art' and transformed her passion into a business and never looked back.

To accentuate her new business, she took the Visual Art Foundation course at McKenzie College and graduated with honours in 2014.

Finding success in 2021, her piece titled 'noiL regiT' was purchased by the Town of Riverview's Art Procurement Project Art Exhibit. Being 1 of 5 out of 28 artists chosen, Roxane got to have her photo taken with our Mayor Andrew J. LeBlanc. The painting is now on display at the City Hall. "Being neurodivergent, this painting started as a Lion and ended as a Tiger! I seem to like doing things backwards to reach my goal!"

Dealing with Dyslexia and severe insomnia hindering her health, has proved a large obstacle to overcome. Painting and creating has been and is life saving- it allows for relaxation and brings an immense sense of accomplishment when finishing up a piece of art. All over the place, touching various mediums and subjects Rox's Art is inspired, diverse and never boring. Pastels, oils and acrylic paint, she chooses which medium best suits her subject.

Now residing in Rosevale, and having Turtle Creek running through the property, Rox has accentuated her beautiful land with many roses- creating a magical and peaceful environment to further create her magic.

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