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Tiffany Cheung
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Tiffany Cheung


Tiffany Cheung

Toronto, Canada

I recently rediscovered my love for art, and now I can't stop creating! I work primarily in charcoal and graphite, but I also have experience with acrylics, pastels, and coloured pencils. I started accepting commission requests in late 2021, and I have completed more than a dozen pieces that have been received with positive and enthusiastic feedback. In each case, I was asked to capture the presence of a moment or a person/pet long gone. It is an honour to have that kind of impact on someone's life. I also enjoy practicing realism in general and can often be found doing portraits of celebrities and movie/TV show characters. You can find examples on my Instagram page.

My artistic journey really began when I was a child, but for a number of reasons, I stopped doing art more than twenty years ago and I've only just begun again, as stated above. I am largely self-taught, and I am driven both by a (renewed) passion to create beautiful works of art in my life and by a need to help those grappling with loss.

I also participated in my first art competition earlier this year, The Portrait Society's 2023 International Portrait competition. It will be the first of many competitions I intend to participate in, and I look forward to challenging and bettering myself in the months to come.

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